Coppersmith Brockelman PLC

Phoenix, AZ
18,500 SF

One of the best business law firms in the Phoenix community, known for the highest level of professionalism, creativity and an ardent commitment to doing what is right. The firm tasked McCarthy Nordburg to design a space that speaks to the firm's brand and culture, with a focus on a more collaborative work environment expressed in a warm modern setting. The goal was to create a sense of community amongst the attorneys that all work in individual offices. The solution was to provide a central community hub that serves as the firm's Friday Potluck gathering area.

"Working with the team at McCarthy Nordburg was a phenomenally positive experience. They have an innate ability to not just hear, but listen to what is not being said, and turn those thoughts into creative ideas. They designed an absolutely beautiful workspace that perfectly reflects the culture of Coppersmith Brockelman." Kristen Rosati, Partner, Coppersmith Brockelman. PLC

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